Penliners on moleskine.

This was sketched last year, after Bobby came back home from her clinic stay due to an infection in her right eye. She came back with her eye still not fully recovered (and thus the slit-eyed look). I thought she looked pretty mischievous lol.

Penliners and watercolour on moleskine.

Updates, etc.

Hello all, I haven’t posted anything new on tumblr in ages! Sorry for disappearing without even a word - I only posted this information on my dA account and forgot to post it to tumblr too. November of last year I was diagnosed with meningioma and since then I have undergone 2 surgeries. Thankfully my recovery has been smooth so far, and now I am well enough to do some light work again.

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Some food sketches from August and September =). That garlic bread was super good.

Pen liners and watercolour on moleskine.

Closeup for my latest Sasuke fanart here

Pencils, PS CS3

Some of the sketches I drew during my one-week hospital stay. Drawing on the hospital bed calmed me a lot. I guess it was the sensation of feeling pen on paper, of thinking that even if I cannot control the diagnosis, I can at least, put my fears, my hopes, my love into ink, into something tangible, on paper.


I have now some motivation in drawing this boy again.

Pen liners and watercolour on moleskine.

Presenting my parents’ new kitty, Bobby!

The naughtiest kitty ever. Now she’s sick and is staying over at the clinic though =(

Pen liners and watercolour on moleskine.

Quick Sasuke iPad sketch while at work - my colleagues were not looking of course XD

Sometimes I think I don’t draw enough Sasuke portraits…When it is this boy that deserves all the portraits fanartists can give - Sasuke is emotions and goals well kept beneath skin, and these sometimes boil up to the surface. It would be wonderful if I can perfectly capture all of what makes Sasuke, Sasuke; in a simple glance of a portrait.

Till then, an attempt.

iPad sketch.

Happiness in a box. I love how colourful doughnuts are nowadays - some bakeries get really creative with theirs.

Pen liners and watercolour on moleskine.

Chapter 641; the more I look at the panel, the more I am convinced Sasuke has forgotten how to smile. Ironically, I think I made him smile quite properly here. Oh well.

Read from left to right.

Pencils, PS CS3.

For some odd reason tumblr swallowed this post (couldn’t find it on my dash), so I’m re-posting this.

iPad sketch.

I love, love, love sketching about food =D (ignore that apple that doesn’t look like an apple XD)

Watercolour, colour pencils and pen liners on moleskine.

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